What To Look For in a Snow Removal Company

When temperatures are heading into the 90s, and you are sweating outside even in the shade, it’s hard to imagine that winter weather will ever really return. However, if there is one thing we can be reasonably sure of, it’s that cold weather will come back, bringing snow and ice, making for icy, treacherous outdoor conditions. Summer is just the right time to be thinking about hiring a snow removal company for the coming snow season. In the greater Baltimore area we would be wise to expect snow. As a matter of fact, average yearly snow totals in the Towson and Owings Mills area range from around 23 to 27 inches.

Naturally, you want to find the most efficient and economical way to protect your commercial property. Residents and business owners need to be able to rely on consistent, efficient service. But how do you know what to look for in a snow removal contractor? Everyone wants to save money. But the cheapest company is not necessarily the best solution. A few guys with trucks will not be able to meet what a professional snow removal company has to offer.

When searching for a snow removal service, you should check a company’s reputation for competency, reliability and experience. What type of equipment do they own? Do they use environmentally friendly solutions for pretreating and melting ice? How soon will they reach your property before and during a snow event? Do they have enough manpower to fulfill your needs in a timely fashion? Are they available 24/7 during snow and ice storms? How easy are they to contact? Is the staff made up of well-trained professionals? Are they licensed and insured? What contract structures do they offer? Do they hire well-trained subcontractors with good driving records? Who do they depend on for snow forecasts in order to decide when to send out trucks? Are they a member of a professional snow management organization?

Another thing to look out for and discuss with the snow removal service before signing a contract is the plan on where to put the snow which has been plowed. A reliable company will check your property carefully and make suggestions. Are they experts in snow stacking? Where will the snow be stacked? They should look for an area that avoids blocking parking spaces or obstructing incoming or outgoing traffic at intersections. It should be located in the optimal position near the drain, allowing drainage during a melt but never blocking the drain. And of course, shrubs and fire hydrants should be protected. But what if your property is not large enough to accommodate these requirements? Then it is important to know if the company can also haul away the snow.

All of these details must be discussed with the snow removal company ahead of time to avoid any misunderstandings or worse, catastrophes, once the snow begins to fall. Y&L Landscaping is ready to answer all your snow concerns and structure the best contract for your needs. Call us at 410-578-7111 to discuss your needs.